Gallows Foundry of Fear

  • 137 warren st nw
  • christiansburg, VA
  • 540-998-3327
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2013 Haunt of the Year Winner
10 minutes from VT and RU. We do things here you couldn't believe, and shouldn't. Make the trip tonight to see if you can survive the Gallows. Email Haunt Owner
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Hours of Operation: 7pm - 11pm

Admission Costs: $15 per head VIP pass (line jump) $30 (limited quantity available each night) Ultimate Gallows experience (18+ only) $40

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Event last updated 39 days ago. Please confirm dates on haunt website before you go.
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  • Best Ever

    I've gone to the Gallows every year for the past three seasons and this year was by far the best most amazing. The money put into special effects is obvious and makes it the best I've been to in the area. The end of the tour was something I had never experienced. While I disagree with some of the content (abortion and rape) over all this is a great experience for adults but not children.

    Posted 10/24/14
  • Went this past weekend

    And it was so good ! Best I've ever been to!

    Posted 10/20/14
  • Nothing short of terrifying

    I guess that's how they market themselves, so it's fitting - my husband and I travel all over the east coast going to haunted houses. We've been to netherworld, woods of terror, bates motel and this place is not only on par with these guys, but actually scarier! If you're thinking about going, it's worth it.

    Posted 10/17/14
  • Not for the easily offended or weak of mind.

    This is one of the most insane haunts that I have ever experienced. Def not your average Halloween attraction! This is an interactive experience and you truly feel like you are IN a Horror film! Yes they touch, and the actors curse but it is all part of the experience. I do not recommend for young children or easily offended people. But if you are looking for a true intimate Horror experience then this is a walk through that you will NEVER forget!

    Posted 10/16/14
  • I saw people running out

    I was so afraid to go inside because of all of the people who were running out. I saw grown adults crying and saw someone wet their pants. But I went anyways! What an adrenaline rush. I laughed ,screamed, cried and ran and then couldn't wait to go back. So much fun!

    Posted 10/16/14
  • very extreme

    This haunt takes it to a new leval. Has great details and great acting. This haunt is not for the weak, they have pure fear leaking out of that place.

    Posted 10/16/14
  • Best In Virginia!

    This place is unlike anything you'll experience in Virginia. I will speak in generalities because I wouldnt want to spoil one second of it. The scares and content are definitely upgraded and you get a more intense and immersive experience. These guys don't rely on tropes and "out of the box" scares or gimmicks, so in other words, "this ain't your grandpa's haunt". As soon as you arrive, you encounter characters in line that give you a glimpse of the terror inside. Evil clowns, mutants, demons; clever humor and creepy scares, and it's just getting tickets. Make sure you check out the sideshow outside as well, the magician will amaze you. Once inside, you won't be let down. The thing I love the most about Gallows is its unpredictable, there's a legitimate sense of danger at times and you have to ask "am I really safe?". The actors are committed, and will do everything they can to scare you. When you exit you'll ask yourself "did I just experience this?", and you'll be ready to go through again. I can't say enough good things about this place. If you are easily offended, stay home. But if you want the most creative, fun, modern haunt experience, Gallows is your place!

    Posted 10/16/14
  • An intense horror show

    Yes these guys go all out. They are quite unbelievable. If you love horror and gruesome violence it just doesn't get better than this!

    Posted 10/16/14
  • Absolutely awesome!

    I would recommend this haunt to anyone that wants over the top horror! They definitely push the envelope!

    Posted 10/16/14
  • insane

    had a blast - ridiculous amounts of fun - crazy animations, over the top horror - must go !

    Posted 10/16/14
  • Absolutely Amazing

    This is by far the best haunt I've ever been to - yes, they're vulgar, they're in your face - it's such a relief from the boring attractions in our area! So much fun !

    Posted 10/16/14
  • Do not care to return again....

    Very vulgar, trashy, and just provocative. I get it.. That's what they were going for and it was a cheap tactic, and classless to a haunt. No actual scare it was just screaming, pushing you, and just tasteless. I enjoy classic scares not just walk in and someone is calling a piece of **** or a fat *** whore. I like the real silent scares and I didn't see any of that! Was really disappointed considering I drove 3 hours for the ultimate halloween experience.

    Posted 10/5/14
  • Terrible

    Awhful! The language was terrible!! Not worth your money! They need to learn how to have fun instead of talk pure filth.

    Posted 10/4/14
  • Crazy Good

    I've been many times to the gallows and I'm excited to go back! I know many people who work there, and they put so much time and effort. The staff is truly the best. It makes all of the other haunted houses, not scary! It's like your in a horror movie. If you love Horror, this is the place to go!

    Posted 10/3/14
  • Insane. Absolutely.

    You have to be a horror film freak to go in there. It did every thing in claimed. I was terrified! NOT FOR KIDS! I saw so many kids crying and begging to leave. So please, parents, don't do this to your kids. Everyone else in Virginia, you must go!

    Posted 9/21/14
  • Best In The State!

    This is the best Haunted House I have ever been through, It is like experiencing a Horror film first hand! Blows all the other area haunts out of the water.

    Posted 6/1/14
  • Be brave

    I had a panic attack & hyperventilated!!If you like being scared it's the best around!!

    Posted 11/3/13
  • Amazing

    Best thing to spend your money. This place goes over the top

    Posted 10/13/13
  • Best

    I am always hesitant about going to haunted houses, only because I scare easy, but my friends dragged me here and I loved it! definitely a must go to!!

    Posted 7/22/13
  • Best Around

    blows major grahams away, as well as st albans. best i've been to.

    Posted 5/28/13
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