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2022 Question and Answer With Miller's Nightmare Haunted Farm

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VirginiaHauntedHouses.com recently sat down with Berkley Miller of Miller's Nightmare Haunted Farm, to discuss what's new at Miller's Nightmare Haunted Farm for the 2022 Halloween Season!

What's new at Miller's Nightmare Haunted Farm for 2022? Do you have any new rides, attractions, or special features that Haunt Seekers should know about?

We have created a whole new layout and added the Hag's Hut and Miller Mausoleum. Our Nightmare Parade has had some upgrades and we added axe throwing, Maniaxe, to our midway.

What are you most excited about for the 2022 Halloween Season?

Entertaining the masses!

What differentiates Miller's Nightmare Haunted Farm from other local haunts in Virginia?

We have created a whole Halloween atmosphere unlike any other. You will just have to see it to believe it.

How long has Miller's Nightmare Haunted Farm been in business? Can you tell us a bit more about Miller's Nightmare Haunted Farm's history?

This will be our 8th year in operation. We started as a basic corn maze many years ago. A bear devastated our crop and we ceased to operate for several years as we tackled other ventures. In 2013, we came back with a vengeance and decided to operate a strictly Halloween themed event.

What's your favorite experience since opening Miller's Nightmare Haunted Farm?

Having the ability and opportunity to make ideas come to life to give patrons an awesome experience

How long is a typical haunt experience at Miller's Nightmare Haunted Farm from start to finish?

The walkthrough is approximately 45 minutes.

On a scale from 1 to 10, how scary would you say Miller's Nightmare Haunted Farm is? Why?

Probably an 8. We do not touch guests. Therefore, I feel it makes it an 8.

Does Miller's Nightmare Haunted Farm's property have any real haunted history? Do you have a spooky encounter you'd like to share?

None that we know of but strange things happen after dark. With basically no light pollution, our venue is quite dark.

What inspired you to open up a haunted attraction? What's your favorite part of the business?

Our love for Halloween and entertaining. This is the perfect recipe for running a haunted attraction.

How has new technology (i.e. animatronics, special props, etc) helped you to enhance Miller's Nightmare Haunted Farm?

Lighting is the best form of technology. We use limited animatronics, mostly for space filling. We prefer live actors to help keep the realism alive.

Can Miller's Nightmare Haunted Farm accommodate large groups? How many people can experience Miller's Nightmare Haunted Farm together as a group?

We are here for you to have fun. If that means sending a group of 20 people through at one time, we will allow it.

Does Miller's Nightmare Haunted Farm offer any special deals, discounts, or coupons?

Since we are only open 10 nights, we don't offer many coupons. However, we do ticket giveaways almost all season.

Anything else you'd like to let us know about Miller's Nightmare Haunted Farm?

Wait times can be long, this tells you we have a good thing going. If you're able to come on a Friday night, do so.




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