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Virginia's Most Haunted Restaurants & Bars - Enjoy a Dinner with the Dearly Departed at These Haunted Hangouts!

Unlike many of ##Region##'s Most Haunted Locales that are closed to the public, ##Region##'s Haunted Restaurants and Bars are open for business, and welcome haunt seekers to enjoy a meal among the ghosts and ghouls who have chosen to hang around their favorite local haunt indefinitely. Many of ##Region##'s Haunted Restaurants, Taverns, and Eateries have been icons of the community for ages, making them an unsurprising destination for ##Region##'s departed residents. Check out the list below to find out more about the most haunted restaurants, bars, taverns, diners, and other eateries across ##Region##, but be prepared for some unexpected, unworldly company as you dine!
  •   Helen's Restaurant Richmond, VA
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    Located in Richmond, Helen's Restaurant is believed to be haunted by the former owner and namesake. Reports say that Helen likes to visit the dining room's booths or the dish room. Witnesses have reported seeing items in front of them disappear and reappear elsewhere, hearing whispers, or knocks when no one else is around. Faces have been seen in the dish room's double doors as well.... Read More

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