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Bunny Man Bridge - Clifton VA Real Haunted Place

  • 6498 Colchester Rd
  • Clifton, VA
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There are various versions of the Bunny Man story for which Bunny Man Bridge is colloquial named. Some accounts revolved around patients escaping from a Clifton asylum prison in 1904, but they have been discredited by the fact that there was neither a prison nor asylum in the area at the time. Another version centers on a man who lived during the 1800s.

According to this account, the man left his family home one day to go hunt for food. When he returned, however, he found the mutilated bodies of his wife and child. Horrified, the man immediately contacted the town sheriff, but because there were no other suspects the sheriff arrested the man who was in turn sent to a mental institution. Maintaining his innocence, the man vowed revenge and sometime later was able to escape the institute and return to Clifton. He began living under a bridge and hunting rabbits for both food and clothing, earning him the moniker “Bunny Man.”

One day after his return several children went missing; the authorities were alerted and immediately went to the Bunny Man’s bridge. When they arrived there they were greeted by the terrible site of dismembered children hanging from the trees; they also saw the Bunny Man being run over by a train. Visitors to the bridge say that you can still hear the Bunny Man’s haunting laughter and see body parts dangling from the trees.
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  • I live very close to the bridge

    I saw a review of someone saying there is no reports of the bunny man not true i have found multiple police reports and news paper articles from the time of the urban legend the truth is part of it is urban legend part of it isnt but there was mutilated Bunnies and a dead body at the bridge also the bunny man went to lorton prison which i have been to the story is true

    Posted 11/14/23

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  • I'm confused

    I read a local Clifton article that said it's illegal to go to the overpass. Most of the article was about the tracks. It didn't really say "tunnel" so much as overpass. So, is it illegal to go through the tunnel if you don't go up to the tracks? Has anyone been recently? I know there's a no trespassing sign on the front of the tunnel. Is the road itself closed since it's a dead end, or can you drive through? Their article was not clear at all. Any help would be appreciated. I don't think calling the police department will really be all that helpful given that they're not really pleased with people going, regardless of legalities. I'm going in July from Minnesota.

    Posted 6/29/21

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  • One of the creepiest experiences I've had

    My boyfriend and I visited Bunny Man Bridge a couple of years ago. We lived near GMU at the time and had been meaning to go visit the bridge for a while. I know it sounds cliche, but it was storming outside that night and we were just hanging out at home when the power went out. We had no internet, no lights and nothing to do, so we decided to go check out the bridge. It was about 15ish minutes away, so we put the location into our GPS and started driving. Once we got into the neighborhood where the bridge was, we noticed headlights behind us. Probably a resident, no big deal - we kept driving. We were a couple of turns away from the bridge the when we saw a row of orange cones up ahead blocking off the road. There are a bunch of streams in that area, so we figured there was some flooding due to the rain. We pulled off onto a side road to look at the GPS to find another way to the bridge. We expected the car that had still been behind us to pass us and keep driving ahead on the main road, or at least turn around because of the cones, but they had fully disappeared right after we pulled over. It was like there was never a car there, it was very eerie. We shrugged it off and focused back on the GPS to find an alternate route. There was another way to the bridge, but we had to basically make a big loop to get around the road closure, so we started heading that way. The detour tacked on about 10 extra minutes to the drive, but we were cool with it - we were listening to music in the car and having a good time. Suddenly, a pair of headlights pulled around a bend behind us and started tailgating us. It's a winding two-lane road, so we had to pull off into a parking lot so that this aggressive driver could get around us. When we looked up to see where we'd stopped, we were alarmed to see that we were in the parking lot for an old church's cemetery without even realizing it. This definitely spooked us and we were starting to feel on-edge, especially after the disappearing car from earlier. Since we'd veered off course for a moment, the GPS thought we made a wrong turn and started trying to re-route. We got back onto the main road and Siri almost immediately prompted us to turn left on "Danger Avenue." There was no road there for us to turn on and the GPS map display was showing us that we needed to just keep driving straight. At this point, we were getting pretty freaked out, but we kept driving. When we finally arrived at the bridge, it was definitely creepy. It was dark and rainy and we'd already been through a few spooky moments that night. There is an intersection immediately after you go under the bridge. When we drove through, we saw another car just sitting at the intersection to our left. It was really unsettling - we could see the driver's hands on the wheel, but that was it. They never moved and we couldn't see their face. That was the last straw for us, we were ready to get the hell out of there. We drove forward to try to find a place to turn around (it's a skinny one-lane road at that point), but we ended up having to slam on the brakes when we suddenly saw water from an overflowing stream rushing over the road blocking our way. We had to put the car in reverse and back into the other side of the intersection (so we were facing the creepy car that was just sitting there) and make a left to leave by going back underneath the bridge the way we came. As soon as we passed underneath the bridge, the car shuddered and started making a horrible and loud scraping noise. It ended up being from a large branch that had gotten caught and was getting dragged behind the car (we saw it come loose behind us in the mirrors), but it was plenty to send us speeding away screaming. As we were on our way out of the neighborhood to head back home, we were talking about the night, giddy from all the adrenaline, and my boyfriend mentioned that he kept thinking that every mailbox we passed was a person. I laughed because I kept feeling the same way. "Like that one!" I pointed towards what looked like the next mailbox that we were about to pass and we both laughed. As we got closer and passed it, we both realized at the same time that that one WAS ACTUALLY A PERSON. They were just STANDING there, staring expressionless out at the road. It was a tall, slim man with dark hair and a scruffy face. He looked dirty and looked like he was wearing a beige shirt and overalls. We SCREAMED and sped out of there and headed straight home. Overall, an insane experience - I don't know if any of our experiences were paranormal for a fact, but I do know that they were very very spooky and unsettling. I don't know if the man we saw was the Bunny Man, if he was a creepy guy that lives in the neighborhood, or if he was a ghost or something. I do know that it was insane and we have a great story for the rest of our lives!

    Posted 10/21/20

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  • The Bunny ?? Man Bridge ??

    my brother and I and my friends we saw something on halloween ???? we don’t Know ????? if we encounter the real bunny ?? man I always wanted to go to the bridge ?? to make youtube videos and film ?? and also looking ?? for a haunted house to explore and film

    Posted 6/18/20

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  • I live nearby

    According to Fairfax County Police there have never been any murders of children and then hung from the bridge. The place is spooky as Hell, however it is located in a neighborhood. The neighbors get quite irritated at onlookers. On Halloween you will get arrested if you go there.

    Posted 3/15/20

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  • Bunny Man

    If You Go To The Bridge At 3AM Will You See The Real Bunny Man?

    Posted 2/5/20

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